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May 7, 2015

Note to Self:

You are a woman of might and grace
You are built of rock and pain, of heat and blood
You are both strength and weakness
Both malice and love
Both vanity and charity
You are vicious and merciless but also beautiful

Your power radiates outward
But your fear fills you
You are afraid
Afraid of failure, of loss
You fear love will abandon you
Or worse, that you will abandon love

And so you pull inward,
Keeping your heart so close that you might smother it
Because maybe that will feel better than letting it break
How tempting it is to give up, to let go
The path ahead of you is treacherous,
Sometimes more thorn than rose

But you, dear girl
Are not made of gold
You may be precious and dazzling
But you are not soft

You, dear girl
Are an uncut diamond

Hardened by the weight of the world
Burned and pressed and pushed
They tried to crush you but only made you stronger
You are not made to be pretty,
Though that did not keep you from being so;
You are made to be unbreakable

Note to self:
You are a diamond
You are a diamond
You are a diamond
You are a diamond
You are a diamond.

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