“We’re Women”

We’re women.

Even if we don’t like something they do,
we have to pretend to, for the sake of their machismo.
We have to constantly apologize
for not being what they want.
We’re not allowed to say “I don’t like that.”

Because we’re women;
we like everything that a man does.
Even if he’s an idiot.
Even if he hates us.

Every man I’ve met was a narcissist,
even if he didn’t know it.
Because he subscribes to and benefits from
a societal notion that the dialogue of every woman is
one big apology.

And he accepts it,
because we’re women
and that’s what we’re supposed to do.

We’re created with men in mind.
We’re made to serve their egos.
And if, God forbid, we don’t live up to their standards,
we’re cast out like lepers,
doomed to live alone forever.

And that’s wrong.
Because we’re women.
And what are women without men?


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