Beth tossed and turned, lying awake for what seemed like hours. As she glanced at her clock, she realized that it had, in fact, been hours. She had spent half the night contemplating her decision, and with less than six hours till the final reckoning, she was less sure about her choice than she was when she had gone to bed.

Beth had always known that sooner or later, she would have to make a choice, or let fate take the wheel and steer her into the path of least resistance. Normally, she would be completely content with the latter. She had always let the waters flow as was natural, never disturbing that which had the ability to sort itself out. But this time was different. It was different because now, she almost wanted the extra resistance that would come with the less popular choice. Sure, deciding against the majority would make people angry. But, rather than choosing to please everyone else, Beth finally decided to choose for herself.

Six hours passed, fast as lightning, after she had made up her mind. She was not the type to waver and doubt herself. As she prepared for the day, she breathed deep and with a certain courage radiating from her.

She left her house, got in her car and drove to the train station. As soon as she arrived, she spotted a crowd of people near a forest green sedan. Beth recognized the sedan. It belonged to her dearest and most loyal friend, Mark. She craned her neck in an attempt to see past the group of people and get a good look at Mark. This attempt was thwarted by an unusually tall, lanky young man who stepped right into her line of sight.

She finally got up the courage to join the crowd. She inhaled and subconsciously held her breath as she walked over. Someone shouted.

“Beth! I’m so glad you came!”

It was Mark; she’d recognize that voice anywhere.

A man mowed his way through the crowd over to her, nearly knocking her on her backside as he tackled her in a warm embrace.

“Of course I came! I wouldn’t let you leave without saying good-bye! That’d be just rude.”

Mark smiled at her and said quietly, “Well, that doesn’t make leaving you behind any easier.”

It was just then that she knew she had to do it. If she didn’t, it would haunt her.

She ran.

She ran hard and fast, back to her car, popped the trunk and pulled out two, bright red, hardshell suitcases.

“You thought I’d let you leave without me? Ha, you’d miss me too much.”


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