Simply Put…

I am in love.

It’s true. Everyone can see it. It’s plastered on my face like bad acne. When I’m with him, I can’t stop smiling and giggling. In hindsight, it’s kind of disgusting. I used to laugh at girls who would sit on the edges of their seats, waiting for a boy to open his mouth so they would have yet another thing to giggle at. It’s unsightly.

If someone had told me two years ago that I’d be this head over heels for some boy, I would have laughed at and/or punched them in the face.

I’m not the type to be in love. I’m a natural cynic. Cynicism is a talent of mine. Sprinkled with sarcasm, it is the sweetest treat I prepare. Before this “incident,” I was the ultimate pessimist in the love department. I would crush the hopes and dreams of my peers by telling them their relationships wouldn’t last and — ninety-nine percent of the time — I was right. Given, I was no expert in the matter, seeing as how my relationships prior to the “incident” had an average lifespan comparable to a ten cent goldfish. But I was able to make it sound like I was a love expert, and I would employ every trick and convincing fallacy in my arsenal of intellectual banter to persuade an audience that they should believe anything and everything that I said. I was damn good at it too.

But he had to go and make a fool of me. I am precisely the girl that I swore I would never become. I’m the girl that giggles at things that aren’t funny simply because he said them. I’m the girl that walks through a store and sees nothing but things that would make good gifts for him. I’m the girl that writes stories and poems about him and the life I want with him. I am nauseating.

But, all in all, I would like to think that this seemingly feeble pursuit of love will lead to a life-changing revelation or, even better, a “happily ever after.” Just in case the latter doesn’t work out for me, I will have yet another weapon to use against all those poor young girls who are hopelessly in love. After all, if I won’t do it, who will?



One Comment to “Simply Put…”

  1. “I am in love… Everyone can see it. It’s plastered on my face like bad acne.”
    Great image. I really like it.

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